Dinner theatre “Belle of the Ball”

15/08/2017 @ 18 h 30 min
Village Musical Acadien
902 854 3300
Dinner theatre "Belle of the Ball"

The English play, titled «The Belle of the Ball», a translation of last year’s French play, will be presented every Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. starting July 11. The popular comedian Gérald (Ge) Arsenault plays the role of Martin, a man in his forties who decides to return to university so he can change careers. However, the furnished apartment he rented without seeing is completely disgusting, so he is forced to move. The only boarding house he can find at the last minute, near the university, is in the girls dormitory where his sister Colette (Julie Arsenault) resides. Martin then turns into “Martine” in order to be able to integrate. A whole series of comic situations arise when there are love attractions, etiquette for women and relays against men. Actors Louise Arsenault, Jonathan Arsenault, Kaylee Arsenault and Christina Gallant-MacLean will present a whole series of obstacles or solutions to his challenges. The evening ends with an excellent music show.

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